Cruise Automation (UE4)

Recent animation used in an announcement that we secured a permit to operate our AVs fully driverless in San Francisco. I directed the shot, worked on the environment modeling, texturing, and set dressing, and animations. David Witters lit the scene.

Real- time video created for GDC showcasing our simulator and assets. I provided art direction, created all the foreground buildings, environment assets and props, trees, vehicles (except for the AV), and dressed, lit, and animated the shot.

Another angle from the previous shot.

Sped-up capture from our UE simulator, showing several test scenarios. I created most of the environment assets (minus the characters and vehicles) and dressed and lit the scene.

Video from our Webviz app showing how we simultaneously simulate multiple sensors in real- time using UE. The virtual camera, Lidar, and radar data generated by UE is fed into the self- driving stack, which navigates the virtual AV in the 3D world.

Cruise Automation (UE4)

Cruise is an autonomous vehicle company backed by GM and Honda, and we are developing self- driving vehicles in San Francisco. We use an Unreal 4 based simulation for full end- to end regression testing and AV feature development. All the Unreal assets built for the simulation are highly optimized and real- time performant in order to support rendering of multiple sensor modalities (camera LiDAR, radar).

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