Forza Motorsport
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I visited Tsukuba Circuit to document, measure, and photograph the track for reference. I modeled and textured everything in the scene except for the trucks and tents. The track was assembled and lit in 3DS Max.

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Eugene wong tsukuba2
Eugene wong smallbldgsgif

Real- world structures from the Tsukuba Circuit modeled/ textured from photo reference.

Eugene wong tsukubabldg4gif

More Tsukuba buildings.

Eugene wong tsukubatrackwire
Forza Motorsport

I was extremely fortunate to have helped launch the Forza Motorsport franchise (XBOX) back in 2005. As the 3rd artist hired onto the team, it was a dream come true to drive the early R&D and prototype that convinced Microsoft to heavily invest in bring this Gran Tourismo competitor to market. I collaborated closely with Gavin Vaden, Mark Peasley, Matt Collins, John Wendl, and a host of invaluable contractors throughout the development process to define environment creation workflows and deliver high- quality track environment art.

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