Forza Motorsport
Eugene wong oval2

This is a in- game screenshot of the fictional, high- speed oval track inspired by Indianapolis. I designed, modeled, textured, assembled, and lit this in 3DSMax (except for the race car).

Eugene wong oval3

RVs and tents created by an external vendor

Eugene wong oval4
Eugene wong oval5

Night version of the track

Eugene wong bleachers1gif
Eugene wong pressboxgif
Eugene wong bleachers2gif
Eugene wong rovaltrackwire
Forza Motorsport

I was extremely fortunate to have helped launch the Forza Motorsport franchise (XBOX) back in 2005. As the 3rd artist hired onto the team, it was a dream come true to drive the early R&D and prototype that convinced Microsoft to heavily invest in bring this Gran Tourismo competitor to market. I collaborated closely with Gavin Vaden, Mark Peasley, Matt Collins, John Wendl, and a host of invaluable contractors throughout the development process to define environment creation workflows and deliver high- quality track environment art.

More artwork
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